LEI 12288 DE 2010 PDF

, de 20 de julio de (Decreto n. , de 5 de novembro de Aprova o regulamento do Sistema Nacional de Promoção da Igualdade Racial-. struggle and achievements of the black population in the. Brazilian 12,/ establishing the Racial Equality Statute, amending. Laws 7,, of . [Lei de Diretrizes e Bases da Educação Nacional ()]. LDB: Lei de. the original Vaughan Williams Classes I through IV but subcategorize these divisions in light of Lei et al. Reclassification of Cardiac Antiarrhythmic Drugs. October 23, Circulation. Pflugers Arch. ;– doi: /s Chadda KR .. doi: /bph Tsuji Y, Hojo M.

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Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard to member representation for certain regulated superannuation funds where a declaration under subsection 18 7 of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act applies.

Family Law Amendment Rules No. Amends Family Law Rules Inter alia deals with procedural questions regarding proceedings for dissolution of marriage, procedure of Federal Magistrates Court, registration of agreements, and State child orders and debts due to the Commonwealth. Australie – – Loi. Bill of Rights 1 Will and Mary, sess 2 c 2. Encodes certain rights such as the right to speech and the right to elections and limits the powers of the English monarchy.

Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation Australie – – Constitution. Constitution of Queensland The Act provides for targeted financial assistance to advance the education of indigenous peoples. State Service Act No. An Act to provide for the establishment and management of the State Service and for other purposes.

Crimes at Sea Act Act No. An Act to give effect to a cooperative scheme for dealing with crimes at sea, to repeal the Criminal Law Offences at Sea Act and for related purposes. Comprehensive legislation on health benefit organisations. Part 2 makes provision for registration of health benefit organisations, Part 3 for funds and registered organisations under administration, and Part 4 for winding up of such organisations. Statutory Holidays Act No.

An Act to amend the Workers Compensation Actthe Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act and certain other Acts to make further provision with respect to workers compensation benefits, claims, insurance, injury management, administration, conciliation and other matters; and for other purposes. Corporations Law Amendment Rules No.

Amends Corporation Law Rules with respect to inquiry into conduct of liquidator, application for examination or investigation under s 9 bs or s 3 of the Corporations Law, takeovers, aquisitions of shares and securities, and some related matters. Sets forth dates of commencement of amendments of several acts which are amended by these regulations. Comprehensive legislation on establishment and tasks of the Commission for Children and Young People to protect the rights, interests and well-being of children.

Function of the Commissioner is, inter alia, to receive, seek to resolve, monitor and investigate complaints about services provided to children by certain service providers. Migration Agents Amendment Regulations No. Amends Migration Agents Regulations with respect to the specification of an activity under clause 3 of these regulations.

Made under the Migration Act Establishes measures for the prevention of attacks committed against UN and associated personnel and for the punishment of those who have committed such attacks. Makes some minor amendments to the Indigenous Education Supplementary Assistance Regulations State Superannuation Act No.


An Act to provide for superannuation contributions and superannuation schemes for and in respect of people working or formerly working in the public sector and for related purposes.

Federal Court Amendment Rules No.

Also makes provision for costs allowable for work done and services performed in the context of court proceedings, as well as for powers and functions of the Court that may be exercised by a Registrar if the Court or a Judge directs.

Makes provision for privileges and immunities of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, of the members of the Tribunal, and of other persons associated with the Tribunal. Also provides for indirect tax concession scheme, and waiver and delegation.

Migration Amendment Regulations, No. Xe Migration Amendment Regulations No. Criminal Law Amendment 20100 No. Deals, inter alia, with the granting of bail, several sexual offences and cross-examination. Amends Workplace Compensation General Regulation Substitutes prescribed form setting out summary of claims and notice of injury requirements, and other information, required to be posted up at workplaces. Allows WorkCover authority to approve alternatives to prescribed form.

Amends Retirement Savings Accounts Regulation with regard to investment earnings that df to be taken as unrestricted non-preserved benefits. Crimes Forensic Procedures Act A Amends the Equal Opportunity Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Defines “gender identity” as “the identification on a bona fide basis by a person of one sex as a member of the other sex whether or not the person is recognised as such by assuming characteristics of the other sex, whether by means of llei intervention, style of dressing, or otherwise; or by living, or seeking to live, as a member 2100 the other sex An employer may discriminate against another person on the basis of gender identity if the person does not give the employer adequate notice of the person’s gender identity, or if it is unreasonable for the employer not to discriminate against the person.

Sets forth factors to be considered in determining whether or not it is unreasoneable to discriminate against the person. Mines Inspection General Rule No.

lei 12288 de 2010 pdf

Replaces Mines Inspection General Rule Crimes Administration of Sentences Regulation No. Made under Crimes Administration of Sentences Act Comprehensive legislation on full-time imprisonment, periodic detention, home detention, community service work, and parole. Sections regulate hours of work inmates may be required to perform. Amends the Petroleum Submerged Lands Management of Safety on Offshore Facilities Regulations with regard lek the definition of “facility”, major accident event, and provisions relating to transitional – secondary lines and water lines.

Children Criminal Proceedings Regulation, No. Made under Children Criminal Proceedings Act Prescribes offences that are to be treated as indictable offences for the purposes of the Act. Provides for preparation of lists of persons willing to be present when a child is giving a statement, confession, admission or information under the Act, as well as for several related matters.

Replaces Children Criminal Proceedings Regulation Makes some dee amendments to the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations. Fisheries Act A Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard to the rights and duties of trustees. Comprehensive legislation on rights and duties of police officers. Makes provisions for controlled lwi and controlled activities, DNA procedures, blood and urine testing of persons suspected of committing sexual or other serious assault offences, dealing with things in the possession of police service, and several related matters.


Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard to in-house assets of superannuation funds. Amends Superannuation Contributions Tax Members of Constitutionally Protected Superannuation Funds Assessment and Collection Regulations with regard to contributed amounts and surchargeable contributions.

Workplace Regulations Amendment Regulations No. Amends Workplace Regulations with regard to wage criteria, including junior rates of pay.

Provides for a form for lodging applications with the Commission. Name of Act 3. Object of Act 4. Establishment of superannuation department 7.

Superannuation banking accounts 8. Payment of superannuation appropriations 9. Payments from superannuation banking accounts Closure 2100 superannuation banking accounts Investment of amounts in superannuation banking accounts Interest on money appropriated for superannuation Appropriation of certain amounts paid by Territory authorities and Territory owned corporations Additional provisions for superannuation Investments made from superannuation provision account Provides new definitions for “mine”, “mineworker” and “owner”, as well as procedures for contributions to the superannuation fund.

Provides for lifetime health cover. Regulates permitted days, suspended hospital cover to be recognised, persons taken to have hospital cover, hardship cases, notification of information about membership status, and some related matters.

Adoption Amendment Act No. Amends Adoption Act 22010 give effect to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, and certain bilateral arrangements for intercountry adoption.

Employment protection legislation database – EPLex

Also deals with several other matters. Health Services Governance Act No. Amends Health Service Act to facilitate the disaggregation of certain health care networks and the reorganisation of public health care agencies in the metropolitan area.

Superannuation Acts Amendment Act, No. Inserts provisions relating to the superannuation contributions tax into, and makes some other amendments to, these acts.

Disability Services Amendment Act, No. Makes provisions for functions of community visitors with respect to residential service providers, visits of residential service providers, powers of inspection, requests to see a panel of community visitors, records of visits, and some related matters. Amends Administration and Probate Act Provides for the survival of claims for damages in certain causes of action in relation to leu conditions, and makes some other fe amendments to this act.

Provides for conditions relating to performance of community service work, including maximum hours oei work to be performed each day, tea breaks and ldi breaks, and requirements to be observed by offenders performing such work. Also deals with various other matters such as service of documents and appointment of supervisors.

Australie – – Loi Fisheries Act A