Solution for Businesses Looking for Complete Control. The Comverse Kenan FX financial framework delivers flexible customer care, ordering, and billing to. Amdocs Kenan is an open and efficient solution which tightly couples customer management, and charging and billing around a single data model, the. Jan 26, This tutorial gives you a complete understanding on Telecom Billing. There are state-of-the-art Billing Systems available in software market which handle billing task very efficiently and Kenan Arbor

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Services a call waiting service on a telephone system, for example.

In fact, this activates the customer on the network. Customer start utlizing all the products and service bought and start generating national and international, data and voice calls. You can find thousands of vendors, who are selling their kenan billing system tutorial products with a claim of lot of features, but there are a few in the market which are really good and most commonly used.

Sending voice, data, picture, fax, etc from one point to another using electronics media is termed as telecommunication and in short it terms as telecom. Usually, an interconnect price is determined for both incoming and outgoing interconnect CDRs on the basis of the incoming or outgoing trunk interconnect route that carries the call.

The output from billing process is a stream of tagged bill data that can be used to create a bill on paper, disk, or any other media.


Once each call is rated, this information is stored until the invoice is run, usually once a month. Real objects a mobile phone, for example.

This used to invoke complaints that the prepaid connection would offer better connectivity than the postpaid or vice versa. TAP3 is the third specification version of the standard. Unrateable errors prevent Billing System from calculating a cost for the event.


Discount defines a set amount of money percentage or monetary to be applied to products or usage that meet certain criteria. Billing roaming partners for providing services to their customers when they roamed in an operator’s coverage area. Convergent billing means creating a unified view of the customer and all services Mobile, Fixed, IP, etc. These bills are useful to make sure that system is working fine and test after making changes to bill templates or tariffs. A satisfactory system will provide performance reporting, ensure quality-of-service QoS reporting, create management reports, and generate regulatory reports.


So while configuring different charges, billing system should give a provision to configure charges in advance and it is always optional for the operators if they want to configure a particular price in-advance or in-arrears.

There may be a situation, when a payment ststem by credit card or cheque does not go through. If all the attempts to collect the dues fail, then the service provider may write-off the account and marks the due amount as bad debt or may hand over sell off the account to a collection agency.

New version of any system comes along with new features to cater new business requirements. If two operators A and B are tutogial interconnect partners, then it would not be possible for a customer of Operator A to communicate with a customer of operator B.

MNVO’s can treat incumbent infrastructure such as radio equipment as a commodity, while the MVNO offers its own advanced and differentiated services based on exploitation of their own intelligent network infrastructure. These are the billinb which can be applied if a product is suspended because of some reason, for example non-payment. The rating engine uses the rating tables, and the event information from the CDRs e.

Customer starts utilizing all the products and services bought and start generating national and international, data and voice calls, which will be rated and billed by the billing system and we will discuss those processes in subsequent chapters. Real-time system process includes e-commerce transactions and data download.

All the Billing Systems provide facility to define various credit classes, which can be assigned to different customers at the time of adding them into the system. Tuforial could be very complex charging scenarios, which would be difficult to handle manually.


There are different versions of TAP. For example, the price for 2 minutes call is 0. Revenue Classification reports that summarize revenue information for a specific date range by credit class, customer details, price plan, charge type, etc. Now using the above translations, a final file would be generated for DOC1 and DOC1 will take care of generating final invoice using the information provided.

The next chapter will cover how we can oenan this captured usage so that due revenue can be collected from the end-user.

Telecom Billing Introduction Telecom Billing

A simple phone set without a connection is a non-usage generating product and it could tuotrial given to a customer based on monthly rent only. An itemized bill means giving complete details of all the calls made by the customer. These systems are not capable to handle pre-paid traffic and charge the calls in real time. For example, a pay TV product may have an attribute recording its set-top box number. I may not be able to list down all the good billing systems, but few of them are listed below: A repetition of all or part of an event file being passed to the Rating Ststem.

Telecom Billing | Sharing Telco Info

You can find thousands of vendors, who are selling their billing products with a claim of lot of features, but there are a few in the market which are really good and most commonly used. Calling Party A number. These reports provide information to identify the areas of network congestion so that corrective measures rerouting or adding more resources can be accomplished to overcome these problems. There could be different level of deposits to provide different kinds of services, which can be maintained against an account.