Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the.

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Accordingly, we stated that “our observations and conclusions regarding the surrender in East Pakistan and other allied matters should be regarded as provisional and subject to modification in the light of the evidence of the Commander, Eastern Command, and other senior officers as and when such evidence becomes available.

Constituted “to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the atrocities and war “, including the “circumstances in which the Commander of the Eastern Military Commandsurrendered the Eastern contingent forces under his command laid down their arms.

However, it was reported to be a “Supplementary Report” which was created after the prisoners of war returned after two years. It is theorized that the first report is very critical of Pakistan military ‘s interference in politics and misconduct of politicians in country’s political atmosphere. Even though the funds disbursed by him may not be auditable in ordinary circumstances, it would have been appropriate and advisable for him to supply such information as was possible for him to do in the circumstances once the question of the disposal of these funds had arisen on the 21 basis of information supplied to the Commission by officers who heard of these transactions in East Pakistan and later in the prisoners of war camps.

Farman Ali should come into contact comission civil 66 officials and political reporybesides being associated with Army Officers and Martial Law Administrators of various levels commisxion grades.

As far as we can judge, Mr Qutubuddin Aziz has made use of authentic personal accounts furnished by the repatriates whose families, have actually suffered at the hands of the Awami League militants.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. He was later promoted as Major General in the same post.

Manzoor Ahmad, ex-Comd 57 Bde 9 Div — This Officer did not conduct the battle with sufficient grip and caused the loss of fortress of Jhenidah 62 without a fightowing to his inability to clear an enemy block at Kot Chandpur.

Bhutto kept the final copy. It was only when the general found himself gradually being encircled by the enemy which had successfully managed to bypass his fortresses and reached FaridpurKhulna, Daudkandi and Chandpur the shortest route to Dacca that he began to make frantic efforts to get the troops back for the defence of Dacca.

There, however, still remains the question of determining whether any disciplinary action is called for against certain senior army commanders for their failings in the discharge of their professional duties in the conduct ad prosecution of the war in East Pakistan. He had stated that the message was drafted under the instructions of the Governor of East Pakistan who had been authorised by the President of Pakistan to offer proposals for a political settlement with the Awami League, and that he handed over a copy of the same to Mr.


Even more painful than the military failures of It. The final report, also called supplementary report, was submitted on 23 Octobershowed how political, administrative, military and moral failings were responsible for the surrender of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan. The Surrender 85 All such information and particulars of the persons given the information will be strictly confidential. In the early stages this method of procurement seems to have been encouraged by senior commanders, including Lt.

Mohammad Ashraf Witness No. A temporary office of the Commission has been set up for the present in the Supreme Court building at Lahore and the Commission has decided that before commencing its proceeding a place to be announced later on the members of the public civil services and the armed forces who were either prisoners of war in India or were otherwise repatriated from East Pakistan should be given an opportunity to furnish to the commission such relevant information as may be within their knowledge relating to the causes of surrender in East Pakistan.

Rao Farman Ali Witness No. We have examined this question further in the light of fresh evidence recorded by us.

In the light of the information now available we now consider that he should be tried by a court martial on the following charges: In fact, he had, at the time, demanded trial by court martial to clear his position.

Yahya Khan to negotiate with the Awami League becomes all the more significant when we remember that two of its top leaders, Sk. As these gentlemen had gone underground, General Farman Ali could not take any further action against them.

Non-fiction graphic novels Pakistani philosophical literature in Pakistan in Pakistan Classified documents Pakistani historical documents Indo-Pakistani War of Whistleblowing Dawn newspaper Reports of the Government of Pakistan Government of Pakistan secrecy documents.

No action was ever taken based on the report, the report was classified and its publication disallowed at the time. It is, therefore, clear that the figures mentioned by the Dacca authorities are altogether fantastic and fanciful.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Rahim Khan, GOC 39 ad hoc Division, who abandoned his Divisionand evacuated his Divisional HQ from Conmissionof course, with the permission of the Commander, Eastern Commander, with no replacement, and with the consequence that his Division disintegrated and had to be replaced with another Headquarter called the Narayan Sector Headquarters under a Brigadier. From the photostat copy sent to the Government of Pakistan by the Government of Bangladesh, it becomes clear that the paper on which these words are written was apparently in the nature of a writing pad commission which notes are jotted down as an aid to commision.

However, at that time we did not have before us the evidence of the major personalities, except Major General M.

Even if he had been obliged to surrender, by force of circumstances, it was not necessary for him to behave in this shameful manner at every step of the process of surrender. Gen Rtd Altaf Qadir and Mr.


Farman Rpeort Witness No. The Commission is empowered to call before it any citizen of Pakistan to seek information. Nevertheless, situated as he was, we consider that at least from the 3rd of Dec onwards, on which date war broke out on the Western Front as well, Lt Gen Niazi became, for all intents and purposes, an independent Corps Commander, possessing of necessity and by force of circumstances all the powers of a Theatre Commander, and even the General Headquarters expected him to act as such, for there was no possibility thereafter of replacing him by another 79 Commander of equivalent rank.

Rahim Khan but also by the other persons who were being evacuated with him.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

repodt The only thing which goes in their favour is that while assessing their individual responsibility the Commission was obliged to take note of the limitations imposed upon them by the concepts and attitudes adopted by the Eastern Command, the admitted shortages and deficiencies in men and materials faced by them as compared to commissiion vast resources of the enemy, and the general demoralization which stemmed from the hamoo acts of commission and omission on the part of the Army High Command at Rawalpindi and the Commander, Eastern Command at Dacca.

Living off the Land 15 Troops were expected to man these fortresses after falling back from their forward: In May, there was an order in writing to kill Hindus. Rahim Khan who had played a part in the final events culminating commiswion the surrender in East Pakistan. Farman Ali’s intention to shed blood on the soil of East Pakistan.

No amount of provocation by the militants of the Awami League or other miscreants could justify retaliation by a disciplined army against its own people. Niazi assisted by his Chief of Staff, Brig. Mohammad Jamshed, and Maj Gen M Rahim Khan, with whose cases we have already dealt in the preceding paragraphs, there were four other General Officers serving in the East Pakistan at the time of the surrender, namely, Maj.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

The allegations mentioned in the preceding Paragraphs were put to Lt. Finally, we expressed the opinion that if Gen Yahya Khan as Commander-in-Chief of the Army had shown greater determination and courage and directed the Eastern Command to hold on somewhat longer than the 16th of December,it was quite possible that a satisfactory reporr ordering a cease-fire might have been obtained from the Security Council. It must also commissjon remembered that even after the military action of the 25th of marchIndian infiltrators and members of the Mukti Bahini sponsored by the Awami Jr continued to indulge in killings, rape and arson during their raids on peaceful villages in East Pakistan, not only in order to cause panic and disruption and carry out their plans of subversion, but also to punish those East Pakistanis who were not willing to go along with them.

The situation was in any case rectified when Lt.