Nicholas Denmon writes novels and poetry. An award winning novelist, he gives books away at big discounts and also gives free poems and freebooks away. Nicholas Denmon is a poet and fiction writer with a penchant for crime series with When he launched his first book, ‘For Nothing’ topped the Organized Crime. For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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With crooked cops thrown in, and intense all-round rivalry, demarcation lines keep getting redrawn. And Alex knew just how to get it. Other books in the series.

For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon

This is a great example of the power he puts in his story. There’s even something for the ladies–a heartbreaking tale of a marriage gone wrong, and Alex’s struggle to get his family back. Fiction, Mafia Crime Thriller Format: May 29, Shawn Cannon rated it it was amazing. If Nicholas ever wrote a short story about either of those two characters, I would gobble it up!

You should read it. In fact, they were my favorites. Wha I have to agree with the other readers who don’t understand all the high bg on Amazon. Nicholas Denmon Goodreads Author.

For Nothing

May 25, Kim Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was a great debut novel from a promising young author. Thanks nthing telling us about the problem. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book. Return to Book Page.


Nicholas Denmon (Author of For Nothing)

He truly did show the rough crime ridden underbelly of the city. This was a very well developed plot. Buffalonians will appreciate the inclusion of actual Buffalo sites.

No, he didn’t kill his best friend in all of Canada, the killer is in Canada – but that’s not what the sentence says. Its words deeply affected me. This book broke me.

There has been only one other book in my experience that succeeded to do what For Nothing has done. Apr 30, Pat rated it it was amazing. The feeling it ensued, a feeling of dread, an internal chill-I couldn’t shake it off.

It had to be in order for the story to be a success. Sep 02, Jan 19, Nic rated it it was ok.

I’m not kidding, the first 3 sentences of this book will have you completely enthralled. I loved the way you could see Alex slowly become twisted in his rules and the lines that must be crossed to find his best friend Jack’s killer.

Twists and turns along the way keep you turning the pages and the finale is extremely good and will leave you wanting more As the read went on, there was a feeling towards the end of strength in the characters, as their story evolved. Nov 19, I loved the dynamic between Alex and Rafael.


So this book has a great opening “hook” and it didnt take me very long to get immersed into the story. Told from the points of view of an undercover cop and the assassin he’s hunting, this book is a wonderful portrayal of life in the cold mafia world of Buffalo, NY. I really didn’t think I would have! Denmon did his research. The parallel between an undercover cop and an assassin in this book really struck me.

Alex has given up his personal life as an fod cop, and regrets it.

Some of his unique experiences include growing up with an jothing mother, having six brothers and sisters of which he is the middle-younger childa perfectionist father, an Nicholas Denmon studied English at the University of Florida.

Nov 03, Jack’s killer, Rafeal Rontego, is the complete opposite of Alex. It is a “sequel” in that one was written early in her life and one was the end-cap of her life.