Eminence PSD High Frequency 1″ Driver, 80 Watts at 8 Ohms. Developed for totally loaded Eminence cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device. Eminence PSD 1 bolt on high frequency driver handles a powerful 80 watts AES at kHz. Eminence:: 1 Inch Bolt On:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W Compression Driver 8 Ohm:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W.

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In the past two decades, LF driver technology has made large advances in linear excursion capability and power handling, resulting in more clean LF output per driver, although requiring more power to achieve that goal.

Eminence PSD – 8 ohm – Compression Driver – Free Shipping Across Canada over $

To achieve the same HF response at feet in the desert would requires a This is hardly evident with the low track and HF horn mixed together, but obvious when the HF horn recording is listened to emineence as it is in these recordings.

This compression results in high throat SPL, at the upper power levels the drivers were tested at the non- linearity of air is responsible for a significant psv2002 undetermined percentage of the of distortion measured, that non- eminenve distortion is unavoidable in any compression driver design. Each driver also used a specific delay compensation to align it with the LF track, slightly different delay and EQ were required for the Hz alignment.

Jan 29, 0 0. Granted distortion plots don’t necessarily relate to subjective listening tests but providing this data does help everyone make more informed choices. But I do hear it even with AAC at the lower to mid bit rates.


Having done so in the past to prove the point that 3rd, 4th etc. One of my biggest complaints about a lot of audio codecs is how much distortion in the higher frequencies I actually do hear. Silas Pradetto Graduate Student May 17, Also, in the same vein, there is less distance for the VC to support, or control at any one time.


For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well. This makes comparison of HF compression drivers between different manufacturers difficult in other than very fundamental respects. Most of my sound work presently is in the dry high desert of New Mexico, HF air losses in hot summer temperatures require far more acoustic power to overcome those losses compared to similar heat at high humidity.

Hello Art, Wow, what a lot of work you put into this.

The musical recordings include the output of the emiennce frequency horn only, a full range mix of the same files are available, recorded at the same and lower levels down to just under a watt: I hope this came out right. Rob Timmerman Graduate May 18, Examples of air non-linearity introduced by the mixing of two ultrasonic tones at dB SPL are available in posts of: Jun 25, 8 18 Sydney, Australia eclipseaudio.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation.

Eminence PSD 2002 – 8 ohm – Compression Driver

It is important to note that the VC in BMS drivers is in the middle of the diaphragm, because it is a ring radiator design, not at the very outside as with a traditional psx2002 driver. Nowadays I use lossless AAC when encoding my own stuff. The inexpensive PSD was a surprise, with 6 dB more power, it hit Granted it has much improved over the original mp3 format. Thread starter Art Welter Start date May 9, A single DH1A had more extended, clean response than the pair of JBLs, at a considerable weight, size, and cost advantage, both in reduction of driver cost and elimination of a crossover point and amp channels.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The structure they are mounted in is different, because the motors are different sizes, neo vs ceramic. And the follow up conversations.


The BMS drivers are only capable of low distortion output with a Hz crossover frequency at a level lower than one watt. Jan 11, 10, 7 38 34 Wallingford, CT www. I don’t know about secrets but I thought DG had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in horns, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, thus the desire for linear drivers so emiinence throat distortion will eminencs predictable. Program consisted of both dual sine wave tones of the same musical interval at different frequencies, and a 30 second music excerpt.


It was not the most efficient driver, but was the flattest overall, and appears to handle the extra power it requires over the others with no problems. Odd order harmonics tend to sound worse at least from a western musical standpoint and there are differences in their levels between the drivers.

The dual sine wave tests made hearing the differences fminence the drivers easiest, simply stated, the EV DH1A has more output available with less audible distortion than the other drivers. Hope I’m not giving away any trade secrets here.

So to me, this is the main difference between the drivers, and why the does not go as low as the An extensive discussion could be had about our hearing as it relates to distortion and the “masking” that LF signals can have on its perception.

Considering the disparity between size, weight, diaphragm material, and design, the constraints and compromises inherent in each approach, once equalized for flat on-axis response there was surprisingly little difference in the end results of listening tests.

The Eminence PSD has a rough response, and little output above