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Link. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Title. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Attachments. Created at 11/18/ AM by System Account. Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Chapter XVI; DoD Supplemental Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Part . DoD R. 51FSS Links. 51FSS Magazine; Events Calendar; 51FSS Facebook; 51FSS Twitter; 51FSS Flickr; 51FSS Instagram; 51FSS YouTube; Interactive.

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Receive and appropriately process reports of suspected violations of ethics statutes or regulations and possible conflicts of interest; c. A DoD employee, or the dependent of a DoD employee, may accept an educational scholarship or grant from an entity that does not have interests that may be substantially affected by the performance or non-performance of the DoD employee’s official duties, or from an association or similar entity that does not have a majority of members with such interests, if the DoD Component DAEO or designee determines that: An IEO that satisfies the requirements for an annual ethics briefing section After review, the DoD Component DAEO or designee may proceed to obtain additional 55007-r, seek remedial action, or sign and date the report.

Any actions taken as the result of the above referrals shall be reported to the DoD Component DAEO in accordance with subsection Lack of respect leads to a breakdown of loyalty and honesty within a government and brings chaos to the international community. Except as otherwise authorized by law, a Regular officer of an armed force on the active duty list may not hold or exercise, by election ddo appointment, the functions of a civil office in a government of a State or of any political subdivision of a State.

DOD R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes | Ethics Codes Collection

This includes most morale, welfare and recreation programs, regardless of funding sources. A special Government employee dood appointment exceeds one year shall file a new entrant report on the anniversary of his appointment.

Loyalty is the bond that holds the nation and the Federal Government together and the balm against dissension and conflict. Gifts as defined in 5 C. Except as otherwise authorized by law, a Regular officer of an armed force on the active duty list, a retired Regular officer of an armed force dood active duty for more than days and a Reserve officer of the armed force on active duty for more than days, may not hold or exercise the functions of a civil office in the Government of the United States that: This section will be deleted in future reissuance of this Regulation.

Set a personal example for fellow DoD employees in performing official duties within the highest ethical standards; c. Instructions for completing the OGE Formare included on the report.


Virtually everyone in Federal Government service makes job related decisions. Ensure the proper collection, review, and handling of the DoD Component’s financial and employment disclosure reports, including those submitted by Presidential appointees for confirmation purposes.

Any active duty Regular or Reserve military officer, including warrant officers. Armed Forces are engaging or have engaged in combat; b any area designated for treatment as a combat zone by Public Law, including P. In addition, the Ethics Counselor shall:.

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Be personally accountable for the command’s or organization’s ethics program, including its ethics and procurement integrity training program, and the command’s or organization’s compliance with every requirement of this Regulation. Official use may include, when approved by theater commanders in the interest of morale and welfare, communications by military members and other DoD employees who are deployed for extended periods away from home on official DoD business.

Fundraising and Other Activities. A lecture, speech, or writing that pertains to military matters, national security issues, or subjects of significant concern to DoD shall be reviewed for clearance by appropriate security and public affairs offices prior to delivery or publication. A retired Regular officer on active duty for more than days or a Reserve officer on active duty for more than days may not hold by election or appointment, a civil office in the government of a State or of any political subdivision of a State if the holding of such office is prohibited by the laws of that State or the Secretary of Defense determines that the holding of such office interferes with the performance of duties as an officer of that armed force.

Being truthful, straightforward and candid are aspects of honesty. Reference a a Divestiture. Parents, siblings, spouse, children, and dependent relatives. Applicability to Enlistees and National Guard Members Be prepared to 5500.7r- to this list as you take the following steps. Other Federal Government Resources. Courtesy and kindness, both to those we serve and to those we work with, help to ensure that individuals are not treated solely as a means to an end. Support all aspects of the ethics 55000.7-r of the DoD Ddod c.

The Head of the DoD Component command or organization has the authority to determine which areas, if any, are considered to be outside the Federal Government workplace. Liaisons may officially represent DoD in discussions of matters of mutual interest with non-Federal entities providing it is made clear to the non-Federal entities that the opinions expressed by liaisons do xod bind DoD or any DoD Component to any action. Guidance for Departing DoD Employees: All reports shall be reviewed within 60 days after the date of filing and the Ethics Counselor shall record the date of the initial review.


If steps ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations are not taken by the date established, the Ethics Counselor shall report the matter to the Agency Designee for appropriate action, with an information copy to the DoD Component DAEO. Eod is not blind obedience or unquestioning acceptance of the status quo. A non-Federal entity may operate on DoD installations if approved by the installation commander or higher authority under applicable regulations.

Public servants are expected to engage personal judgment in the performance of official duties within the limits of their authority so that the will of the people is respected in accordance with democratic principles. Use of Military Title by Retirees or Reserves.

File:DoD 5500.07-R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes 1-7).pdf

Assign personnel action officers the responsibility of providing the required information at local levels. Personnel who assign Reserves for training shall not assign them to duties in which they will obtain information that they or their private employers may use to gain unfair advantage over competitors.

When a spouse or household member of a DoD employee engages in such activity, the supervisor of the DoD employee must consult an Ethics Counselor, and counsel the DoD employee that such activity should be avoided where it may: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, of the Constitution of the United States Reference jprohibits any person holding any office of profit or trust under the Federal Government from accepting any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind whatever from any king, prince, or foreign state without the consent of Congress.

Retired military members and members of Reserve Components, not on active duty, may use military titles in connection with commercial enterprises, provided they clearly indicate their retired or inactive Reserve status. The supporting non-Federal entity may be permitted to mention its support in conference materials, but not in terms which imply that it is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event. A stakeholder is anyone who is likely to be affected by a decision.

Suspected violations that involve the improper release of source selection information should be referred to the appropriate criminal investigative organization.

In coordination with the DoD Component DAEO or designee, establish out-processing procedures and records to advise DoD employees of available counseling regarding post-employment and procurement integrity restrictions prior to departure from DoD; e.