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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Maritime Works – Part 5: Code Of Practice For Dredging And Land Reclamation. BRITISH STANDARD BS Maritime structures — Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation BS Committees.

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The system can also be used from a fixed position to produce a depth profile of density. Accuracy is directly related 649-5 range and the system is therefore most appropriate to relatively short-range applications. All these should be included in the log of the Description Term borehole. NOTE Other factors not referred to may be the choice of dredger. Records should provide details of wave by a diver.

For The effects of dredging operations on other example, movement of vessels in and out of yacht navigation in the area depend almost entirely on the harbours tends to be a summer activity and winter type of dredging plant. If the objective of the survey is to provide a basis for the measurement of quantities for the payment of a contractor, the line spacing should be sufficiently close to identify any significant variation in section or level.

Even if the total width of cut to be in the cost. In weak rocks, greater crushing strengths limits production. The hopper The only disadvantage of the suction dredger is its capacity is normally modest and capacities in excess lack of versatility, due to it being designed for a of 1 m3 are uncommon. Accuracy deteriorates sea bed levels is inferior to that normally attainable as the height of waves or swell increases in land survey.

BS 6349-5:2016

The stages of weathering described may be subdivided using qualifying terms, e. For further details see BS The ladder assembly is lowered and raised by means of a hoisting winch or occasionally hydraulic cylinders controlled from the bridge.

Accurate position fixing is most important during the execution of dredging see This permit safe navigation.

It is necessary to know the easily provided. When discharge is through a pipeline, if it becomes grounded by low water level this will restrict the movement of the dredger. These is of more rugged construction and greater power advantages are mainly confined to the suction and than plant of the same type designed specifically for grab hopper types and to very large cutter suction maintenance work.


The ladder is attached to the main hull by heavy hinges, which permit rotation in the vertical plane. If adversely affected, the interval may be extended by navigable depth is determined purely on the basis of overdredging. Table 6 and Table 6439-5 of that publication Whenever possible, a full grading curve should be b Composition of laboratory samples. A greater distances and with closer detail.

Moisture is most readily released when the surface area of the deposit is large relative to its depth. Great care should be taken by the employer in providing reliable information and by the contractor in interpreting this information.

Very greater than the maximum practical angle of swing weak or mobile bed materials may result in rapid for the particular dredger employed, it will be infill of the trench, and hence a need for regular necessary to make a second cut parallel to the first dredging up to the point of the pipe launching or to achieve the desired width. Test borings should reach some distance below the depth to be dredged; this should be done with a view to both redredging and any future deepening work.

Many of the methods and tools widely employed in the investigation of ground on land can be adapted 2. With experienced interpretation and good up on the fixed bearing along which the dredging records, different sea bed features, such as mud, has to proceed. Any dredged formation which intercepts the passage of mobile deposits will The geology of the coastal margins is almost 6439-5 exposed to potentially heavy rates of siltation and invariably complex.

The composition of laboratory in extent, the percentage by mass of the several soil samples can bw improve the estimation of the boulder content. This facility can be used to sail 60 4 12 predetermined survey lines marked on to the track plotter chart. Depending on water depth and sediment thickness, it may deviate out of vertical and therefore give an overestimate of the thickness of soft material.


Exceptionally, when the limiting density has been decided, measurement dredging close alongside quays or jetties, of the depth at which that density occurs may be particularly in shipbuilding areas, the sediments made either by means of a lead line see 2. In use, the fixed laser has greater application to dredging particularly the dredging of trenches for pipes and outfalls than to site investigation and survey.

Due to these limitations the method should only be used to complement other and better investigative methods. Sometimes an intermediate sea bed pipeline may 63495 used. See Figure 3 for selection of frequency. In such cases the tests for silts as well as clays should be performed. It is important to limit overdredging alongside structures such as quay walls and caissons. The disadvantages of the jet pump include a significant reduction in the overall system efficiency 6439-5 compared with a solids-handling centrifugal pump, and a rather limited residual head available for the discharge of the dredged materials through pipelines.

The use of range-range equipment also allows the position to be determined with accuracy over greater distances and with closer detail. The dredger to be employed and the depth of water in the removal of rock will almost certainly involve the working area.

Not only is the number of wires greater but the wires have to rise from the sea bed to the 6439-5 and consequently result in reduced water depth for the passage of navigation. The main disadvantages of the system are that penetration in anything other than soft materials is very small and that the sample may be very disturbed.

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The main pontoon structure contains the dredge pump sthe main engines and all ancillary engines, drives and equipment. The selection process should be thoroughly understood and any bias which is contrary to the objectives of the survey should be eliminated.

The precise tests will be related to the circumstances of the project and the specific requirements.