The latest Tweets from Baki Gazel (@gzlgzlgzlgzl1). BAKİ İLETİŞİM ELEKTRONİK. Baki als Ghazeldichter, Sbirka Pojednani a Rozprav IX (Prague, Nakladem . The following analysis of one gazel from the divdn of Baki, perhaps the best-. People have often doubted the sincerity of Baki’s sentiments and he was caught out Some were authors of gazel and kaside, others of rubai, but all of them.

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Through the many woes thou wreakest upon Baqi, sick of heart, Is’t thy will to slay him, or is it but sweet disdain in thee?

Sahane Gazeller 2 – Baki, Nefi, Naili: Iskender Pala, n/a: : Books

With bated breath the Judas-trees there stand by; And each for other running brook and breeze sigh. Farisi, what can I do but love that peerless beauty? The collected poems of Ashiq are called a “divan,” the usual Persian and Turkish word for such collections; but very little of the divan of Ashiq has survived.

On tablet of his life graved, shown was Shirin; Of all else emptied, filled alone with Shirin. Thy mouth, a casket fair of pearls and rubies, Thy teeth, pearls, thy lip coral bright resembles.

Are they teeth those in thy mouth, or on the rosebud drops of dew? Than this no other refuge could yon moon find That she should round about her her own locks bind. Amidst the yellow foliage perched the black crows As tulip, saffron-hued, that spotted cup shows. In the journal of my actions Evil’s lines are black indeed; When I think of Day of Gathering’s terrors, blood flows from my eyes.

Ne’er was born of Adam’s children one like thee, O cruel maid! Rather to the golden chain, which hangs thy cheek round, me compare: There’s on earth no city, neither any land, That is not, O Monarch, under thy command.

The speeding Horseman of the plain of Time and Space was he; Fortune and Gaelleri aye as his friends and bridle-guides did go.

Gazel by Merve ozdemir on Prezi

Drinking the poison of doom, ne’er a remnant Of sweetness’s taste in his mouth did remain. Blow a blast in utt’rance that the Trusted One, When he hears, ten thousand times may cry: To give direction to the weighty matters of the earth Had Jupiter, the wise, lit up reflection’s taper’s ray. Of gifts from table of his Bounty is my daily bread; My breath is from the Breath of God’s benignant Mercy fed; My portion from the favors of Almighty Power is shed; And my provision is from Providence’s kitchen spread.


Bleak stand the orchard trees, all clad in tattered dervish rags; Dark Autumn’s blast hath torn away the hands from off the plane.

Though every leaf of every tree is verily a book, For those who understanding lack doth earth no leaf contain. Thou’st seen the mourning nightingale’s despair in sorrow’s autumn drear, Like springtide days, gazellerl smiling roseleaf fresh and bright, thou news hast brought. Since these, while on the earth, all woe resigned met, And patience aye before them in each grief set, When forth they fled from this false, faithless world’s bound, From all those pangs and sorrows they release found!

No work, no business of my own within this mart have I; All Being is of him alone-no life apart have I; Gaze,leri choice of entering this world, or hence of start have I; To cry, agzelleri am!

Bound in the spell of thy locks’ chain is Baqi, Mad he, my Liege, and to the mad they grace show.

From this I know full well that torment dire in love abides, That all who lovers are, engrossed with sighs, rove to and fro. Move thou thy lips, make play the ripples light of Kevser’s pool! They say the loved one comes to soothe the hearts of all her lovers true; If that the case, to yon fair maid of lovers’ plight thou news hast brought.

Like to couriers feet, the zephyrs speed away, Resting ne’er a moment either night or day. This our letter, to the court of Sultan Murad, quick to bear, Pigeon, rapid as the storm-wind in its swift flight, is there none?


O in dawning’s place, the sky weeps blood, without control Tears shedding, o’er the mountain-tops the clouds of heaven pass; Hear, deep the bursting thunder sobs and moans through stress of dole.


English Choose a language for shopping. Within thy soul place not, like tulip, dark brand; When opportunity doth come, then firm stand.

A sample of my tears of blood thou, Handkerchief, wilt show, Through these within a moment gazslleri a thousand crimson grow; Thou’lt be in company with her, while I am sad with grief; To me no longer life may be, if things continue so.

Their chorus all around the bami birds raise; The streamlets sing, the nightingale the flute plays. At parting’s banquet should the cup, the heart, with blood brim o’er were’t strange? While thou layest claim to manhood, whence this cowardice of thine?

A yellow-plumaged bird now every tree stands, Which shakes itself and feathers sheds on all hands. O what a moon! Through his love unto Mohammed, he the universe hath framed; Happy, for his sake, the naked and the hungry enter there.

Us to rescue, a strong swimmer in our friends’ sight, is there none? Since in the casket of our mind thy ruby’s picture lies, The mine is now no naki home for gem of lustrous ray.

O Zeyneb, woman’s love of earthly show leave thou behind; Go manly forth, with single heart, forsake adornment gay! Baik softly moved he, sudden on his sight gleamed A moon that in the water shining bright beamed. All other singers, however, are accounted by the Turks inferior to the great lyric poet Baqi Elegy On Sultan Suleiman I.

What all this glory and panoply gain!

Bare every shrub, this day doth naught of leaf or fruit retain. He, Prince of Fortune’s Cavaliers! My love’s down grows upon her rosy-hued cheek, A book write on the woes it does enshrine then.