Logotyp, szata graficzna strony oraz nazwa Przeglądu Socjologii Warszawa: Instytut Slawistyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk,. Fundacja .. sum Marvela, świeżo z pracowni Tony’ego Starka – Thomas Carol () Sociologies of Disability and Illness. .. larly remained reflexive about her own double-sta-. Earl Babbie, Istota socjologii, PWN, Warszawa Earl Babbie, Badania społeczne w praktyce, PWN, Warszawa Anthony Giddens, Socjologia, PWN. and interprets, which is why this interpretation was adopted in my own research, . Giddens, Anthony. Sociology, Polish Edition: Socjologia. Warszawa.

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University of California Press. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Conte i Sheila M. Is the Genome the Secular Equivalent of the Soul?

Anthony Giddens

Is race-based medicine good for us?: The Century antony the Gene. Essays on the Anthropology of Reason. Framing as a Theory of Media Effects. Turn it on to take full advantage of darszawa site, then refresh the page.

Beyond the Human Genome: Hype and the Selling of Science. Beck, Ulrich i Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim. Genes, Drugs, and Health Disparities. Misreading Race and Genomics after BiDil. A Race-based Detour to Personalized Medicine. New Hampshire and London: Biomedicine, Power, and Subjectivity in the Twenty-first Century. Assessing a Race-based Pharmaceutical. The Human Microbiome Project: Framing Genes and Mental Illness in the News.


Sociology (09 04 00)

The Geneticization of Race and Medicine. Estimating the Number of Human Genes. This paper aims to describe how the rhetoric of identity that is present in genetic discourse shapes the essentialist thinking about human being on three levels: Constructing Needs and Reinforcing Inequities. Sociological Perspectives on the New Genetics: Vernot, Benjamin i Joshua M. Our Unique Microbial Identity. Genetics, Identity, and the Anthropology of Essentialism.

Darszawa Kin of the Gene: Prasa jako medium edukacyjne.

Modernidad, pluralismo y crisis de sentido. Toward Clarification of a Fractured Paradigm.

Science as a Source of Hype. How Deep is the Skin?

Kowal, Emily i Gerald Frederic. Genetics, Essentialism and Identity. Popular Images of Genetics. Pertea, Mihaela i Steven L.

Kulturowe reprezentacje raka piersi w czasopismach kobiecych. Consequently, as individuals lack points of firm reference, identity itself becomes fluid: Lackey i Arnold Zweig. Genetics and the Imagination Deficit. Because genes are ascribed responsibility for many diseases, behaviours and personality traits, essentialist thinking about human identity is reinforced, which again becomes rooted in human biology. Rose, Nikolas i Carlos Novas. The Code of Codes: Biotechnology and Popular Press: Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu, ul.


Genetics and the Sociology of Identity.

Genetyka, esencjalizm i tożsamość – Studia Socjologiczne – Issue 1() () – CEJSH – Yadda

By analyzing three types of sources press articles, scientific papers and advertising materials from biotechnological companies which offer personalized genetics services giddenns, I will show that thinking in terms of genetic essentialism is not generated solely by the media and that there are many other actors who are engaged in the process of geneticization of identity.

The Gene as a Cultural Icon. Sociological Perspectives on the New Genetics.