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For other inquiries, please send to: A wrong PCB layout can have these effects. SMPS – how to gang 2 smps in series together to increase output voltage? How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting? How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? When lower than 0. Try datasneet go step by step. When I tried to replace inductor to 10uH It was a little bit better but the problem still existed.

The inductance for example: Exceeding these limits may damage the device.

We are talking about a well designed PCB layout? The output ripple voltage is: We all needed to go through it. Typical Inductor Values L 1. In general, select an inductance value L based datashete ripple current requirement: Output voltage is discharged when the IC is off.

Bypass this pin to G with a low ESR capacitor. The input capacitor should be placed close to the IN and G pins of the IC, with the shortest traces possible.


Choosing IC with EN signal 2. Therefore, a lower capacitance value can be used for ceramic type. Since large current flows in and out of this capacitor during switching, its ESR also affects efficiency. The trade off for high inductance value is the increase in inductor core size and series resistance, and the reduction in current handling capability.

I’m convinced that incorrect or lack of compensation contributes to this a lot, but no doubt I’m wrong, ‘though compensation is a must-have for regulated outputs. Active-Semi products are not intended or authorized for use as critical components in life-support devices or systems.

Connect to the resistor divider between output and ground to set output voltage. Dec 248: The inductor current level is measured by the Current Sense Amplifier and added to the Oscillator ramp signal. Output Voltage Setting Figure 3 shows the connections for setting the output voltage.

(PDF) ACT4060 Datasheet download

Finally, select the inductor core size so that it does not darasheet at 3A. Did you follow the rules? Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected. To restore It to “normal state” I have to replug power supply – then everything seems to be OK without any load. Of course everything is soldered on PCB.

Connect to the resistor divider between output and ground to set output voltage. A low ESR capacitor is highly recommended.


ACT_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

It is table with a wide range of capacitace value. But usually in aft4060 datasheet you find additional information how to choose the right inductor. This state continues until the cycle starts again. Typical inductor values for various output voltages are shown in Table 1. With the SW side of the inductor now connected to IN, the inductor current ramps up to store energy in the magnetic field. See Stability Compensation in the Application Information section. For more information on this and other products, contact sales micro-bridge.

The converter operates as follows: In general, select an inductance value L based on the ripple current requirement: Datasheeet input capacitance needs to be higher than 10? Table 2 shows some aft4060 results act460 on the compensation method above. However, if FB voltage is less than 0. How reliable is it? And as expected they show the saturation current requirement. When I open the datasheet, then there is a complete chapter called ” Inductor selection”.

For other inquiries, please send to: In the case of ceramic output capacitors, RESR is very small and does not contribute to the ripple.